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We know that many home loan officers have horrible reputations. Some brokers only see their clients as transactions, and a means to make quick money. They come off as impatient and pushy, failing to understand that this is a very big decision for you. At Mija Mortgage, we take the opposite approach. We encourage our clients to take as much time as needed to ask us questions and review mortgage documents. We could say that our mission is to exceed your expectations, but we'd rather just show you. From assistance finding FHA, VA, or other loans to refinancing your current mortgage, Mija is the team you can trust.

Here are just a few reasons why home buyers choose Mija Mortgage:

No Additional Fees

No Additional Fees- Providing our client's services free of charge, using a mortgage broker like Mija Mortgage can help you scout the best price on loans without a hefty price tag.

Access to 50 Lenders

Access to 50 Lenders- With access to a range of loans and interest rates available, Mija Mortgage can shop for the best loans for your unique needs.

Accessible to Our Clients

Accessible to Our Clients- Providing a transparent and communicative service to all our clients, Mija Mortgage ensures all phone calls are answered or returned in a timely manner.

Setting You Up for Success

Setting You Up for Success- Helping you prepare all your documents for pre-approval and the loan application, Mija Mortgage will provide you with all the necessary information to secure the best loan.

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To understand the benefits of working with a mortgage broker, you must first understand their role in the home-buying process.

What Does a Mortgage Broker Do?

Your mortgage broker is a third party that works to connect you with mortgage lenders. Essentially, a mortgage broker works as an intermediary between a person who wants to buy a home and the entities offering loans to buy a home. The mortgage broker works with both the borrower and lender to get the borrower approved. They also verify and collect paperwork from the borrower that the lender needs to finish a home purchase. Typically, mortgage brokers have relationships with several home loan lenders. Mija Mortgage, for example, has access to 50 different lenders, which gives us a wide range of home loans in Seabrook Island, SC, from which to choose.

In addition to finding a home loan lender, your mortgage broker will help you settle on the best loan options and interest rates for your budget. Ideally, your mortgage broker will take a great deal of stress and legwork off your plate while also potentially saving you money.

Help with the Pre-Approval Process

If you're ready to buy a home, getting pre-qualified is a great choice that will streamline the entire process. Your mortgage broker makes getting pre-approved easy by obtaining all the documents needed to get you pre-qualified. In taking a look at your application, they will determine if you're ready for the pre-approval process. If your application needs additional items, the mortgage company will help point you in the right direction to ensure your application is as strong as it can be. Your mortgage broker will also walk you through the different types of loans, from Conventional and FHA to VA and USDA.

In order to be pre-approved for a home in South Carolina, you must have the following:

  • Two Years of W2 Forms
  • 30 Days of Pay Stubs from Employer
  • 60 Days of Bank Statements
  • A Valid Driver's License

Conventional Mortgages

Conventional loans can be used to purchase a new home or refinance your current one. Conventional loans include fixed-rate mortgages and adjustable-rate mortgages. Generally, borrowers must put down a 3% down payment for owner-occupants, 10% for a vacation property, and 20% for an investment home. If you are able to pay 20% of the total cost of the home, you can avoid private mortgage insurance, which is otherwise required. Conventional mortgages are often preferred by buyers with good credit or people needing a non-owner-occupied mortgage.

Mortgage Broker Seabrook Island, SC
Mortgage Broker Seabrook Island, SC

FHA Loans

FHA mortgages are issued by the U.S. government and backed by the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD). This loan is often preferred by first-time homebuyers because it only requires a 3.5% down payment and offers more flexibility with credit requirements and underwriting standards. FHA loans have several requirements you must meet to qualify. Contact Mija Mortgage today to learn more about FHA loans and whether or not they're best for your financial situation.

USDA Loans

Also backed by the government, these loans are insured by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and don't require money down. These loans have lower insurance requirements when compared to FHA loans, offer 100% financing if you qualify, and allow for closing costs to be covered by the seller. In order to qualify for a USDA loan, you must live in a rural area, and your household income must meet certain standards. These loans are often preferred by low-income citizens who live in rural parts of South Carolina.

Mortgage Broker Seabrook Island, SC
Mortgage Broker Seabrook Island, SC

Veteran Mortgages

Also known as VA or Veteran's Affairs loans, these mortgages are reserved for the brave men and women who served in the military. VA loans help provide our military members, veterans, and their families with favorable loan terms and an easy home ownership experience. Often, those who qualify are not required to make a down payment on their home. Additionally, these loans often include less expensive closing costs.

If you are a veteran or the family member of a veteran, contact Mija Mortgage today to speak with our Vetted VA Professional, Debbie Haberny. Debbie helps our military members, veterans, and their family members obtain home loans utilizing veteran benefits and would be happy to help as you search for a home.

Q. I was talking to my spouse about mortgage brokers, and they mentioned the phrase home loan originator. What's the difference between a broker and a loan originator?

A. The mortgage industry is full of confusing jobs and titles, making it easy to confuse roles and responsibilities. Such is the case with mortgage brokers and home loan originators. Though their roles share similarities, a home loan originator in Seabrook Island, SC, works for a bank or credit union, while a mortgage broker works for a brokerage company. Home loan originators and mortgage brokers are both licensed by the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS).

Q. I've heard from everyone that you must have mortgage insurance to buy a home. What is mortgage insurance?

A. Essentially, mortgage insurance helps protect lenders if a borrower forecloses on the home they bought. One advantage of mortgage insurance is that when borrowers pay it, lenders can often grant loans to buyers when they might not have otherwise. Though not always required to buy a home, mortgage insurance is often needed for down payments of less than 20%.

Q. I have just been pre-approved to buy a beautiful home in South Carolina. Is there anything I shouldn't do now that I'm pre-qualified?

A. Mortgage companies like Mija Mortgage, make getting pre-qualified for a home easy. However, as your loan process continues, your lender is required to run a new credit report before closing on a home. For that reason, it's to avoid any activity that might affect your credit score, such as:

  • Do not become a co-signer on a loan with someone else.
  • Do not quit or change your job.
  • Do not apply for new credit cards, automobile loans, or any other lines of credit.
  • Do not use your credit card to pay for large purchases, like furniture for your new house.
  • Do not avoid payments on current lines of credit, loans, or utility bills.

Q. My brother-in-law recently refinanced his home in South Carolina. What is refinancing, and should I consider refinancing my home too?

A. Refinancing your home basically means you're swapping your current mortgage for a new one, most often with a lower interest rate. If you would like to reduce the term of your loan, lower your monthly mortgage payments, or consolidate debt, refinancing may be a smart option. Many homeowners also choose to refinance if they want to switch from adjustable-rate mortgages to fixed-rate mortgages or to get cash back for home renovations. To learn whether refinancing is a viable option for your situation, contact Mija Mortgage ASAP, as loan rates change frequently.

Mija Mortgage: Turning Dreams into Reality, One Mortgage at a Time


Here at Mija Mortgage, we believe that the best communities begin with the dream of home ownership. Our mission is to make those dreams come true, with personalized service, expert guidance, and good old-fashioned hard work. As one of the most trusted mortgage companies in Seabrook Island, SC, we have years of experience working with a diverse range of clients, from first-time buyers and investors to self-employed borrowers and non-native English speakers.

Though every mortgage situation is different, one thing never changes: our commitment to clients. Contact our office today to get started on an exceptional home-buying experience.

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Mortgage Broker Seabrook Island, SC

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These 13 Beaches Have The Clearest Water In South Carolina

South Carolina is a charming state to visit because of its rich history and attractions, and it also boasts fantastic beaches. South Carolina's coastline is home to the USA's most beautiful and unspoiled beaches, stretched along the Atlantic. Some of these magnificent beaches attracting many tourists are loc...

South Carolina is a charming state to visit because of its rich history and attractions, and it also boasts fantastic beaches. South Carolina's coastline is home to the USA's most beautiful and unspoiled beaches, stretched along the Atlantic. Some of these magnificent beaches attracting many tourists are located on the Grand Strand, a stretch of beautiful sandy shores between Georgetown and the Little River area. People head to this excellent state to enjoy some of the most transparent and pristine waters on beaches like Litchfield, Murrells Inlet, Surfside, and Myrtle Beach, where people find top fun things to do. Hilton Head Island is also a very popular destination among tourists, home to plenty of experiences and activities, and voted one of the best vacation destinations in the world. Here are 13 beaches with the clearest water in South Carolina.

More Secluded Beaches With The Clearest Water In South Carolina

The article was extended to add more gorgeous beaches in South Carolina that offer the clearest water as well as amazing activities to do for fun.

13 Sullivan’s Island

Located just a 20-minute ride from Charleston, Sullivan’s Island offers an excellent beach destination for families who wish to spend a nice summer day on the beaches. Most of the coastline is preserved in its natural state and offers simple activities such as swimming or building sand castles.

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12 Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach has long been known throughout the Grand Stand as a top beach for fun family activities. Travelers stroll on the famous boardwalk that runs along the gorgeous coastline of Surfside Beach and soaks the view as they dine, shop, and engage in vibrant festivals. Kite flying and building castles may be a wonderful bonding activities for kids. Several beach offers facilities like showers, bathrooms, and ramps for persons with disabilities.

11 Pawleys Island

Pawleys Island is home to the most untouched shores and is recognized for its peaceful waters that are perfect for enjoying shelling, canoeing, biking, and kayaking with loved ones. Featuring white powdery sand, it is the best location for zoos, sculptures, and gardens with native plants. Pawleys Island offers a panoramic sight of the renowned creek in the area, not to be missed on someone's trip.

10 Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is the most popular beach destination and largest resort in South Carolina. This family-friendly tourist location features magnificent white-sand beaches and plenty of opportunities, keeping guests fully entertained. People will enjoy peace of mind while walking the long boardwalk and experiencing water activities such as surfing and scuba diving, collecting shells, and building sandcastle. For those looking for something calmer, they should head to North Myrtle Beach, where they can swim in the clear water, enjoy parasailing and kayaking, or pull up a sun lounger and relax.

Huntington Beach State Park

Only 30 minutes drive south of Myrtle Beach, Huntington Beach is a calm oasis covering an area of natural preserves and boasting a park with an untouched beach spread. Huntington Beach State Park is located in South Carolina, perfect for sun-seekers, nature lovers, and bird-watchers. It's also a popular spot for camping and picnics. There are also numerous tours available for incredible deep-sea fishing.

Hilton Head Island

While Hilton Head Island is one large beach boasting 12 miles of beautiful sandy shoreline, Coligny Beach Park, reached through an attractive public garden, is an ideal destination for those looking for a lovely family beach experience. Following the path extending to the water, people will enjoy excellent facilities, including comfortable swing seats, beach chairs, and umbrellas. After enjoying the pristine water, visitors take time to stroll around Coligny Plaza, just steps from the beach, where they savor a meal or a snack, get in some shopping, or rent a bike and enjoy a ride directly on the beach. The island also provides a shuttle bus service for those willing to park far away.

Kiawah Beachwalker Park

Only a short drive from the beautiful city of Charleston, Kiawah Island is home to impressive and unspoiled sandy beaches. Located between the Atlantic and vast woods, Kiawah Beachwalker Park is accessible from the mainland by a bridge. Public amenities such as washrooms, outdoor showers, picnic areas, a lovely boardwalk, umbrellas, and chairs are available. Kiawah is an excellent spot for couples and families.

Edisto Beach

The charming town of Edisto Beach is itself worth the journey from Charleston and is as famous for its restaurants, shops, galleries, accommodations, and vibe. Edisto Beach's unique charm makes it attractive for those looking for a quiet beach experience since it is known as one of the last uncommercial beach areas in South Carolina. The adventurous types will go kayaking, camping, fishing, and dolphin-watching or sunset cruising. Other fun activities include several great trails to follow, which can lead to stunning, more quiet places to stop and relax at the beach.

Seabrook Island

Located south of Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island boasts many charming beaches. Stretching four miles of pristine shoreline, the two main beaches, Pelican Beach and North Beach, are mysterious hidden gems famous for their peaceful and uncrowded feel. Sunset lovers should head to Pelican Beach, also known as "Sunset Beach," for amazing sunsets. And early risers and nature lovers will enjoy visiting North Beach due to its magnificent sunrises and abundant bird life, as well as pods of dolphins that feed offshore.

4 Folly Beach, Charleston

Another excellent sun spot just 20 minutes from Charleston is Folly Island, home to the beautiful Folly Beach. The charming Folly Beach boasts a fantastic fishing pier with a perfect view, ideal for a romantic selfie. It is also home to many adventures, such as kayaking, surfing, and paddleboarding. People enjoy strolling along the beach shores and admiring the ocean views. For a unique experience, it is suggested to rent a kayak around the inland shore of Folly Beach Country Park or go on a marine wildlife spotting cruise, where one will see dolphins, stingrays, and even sharks.

3 Hunting Island State Park, Beaufort

Attracting a million visitors each year, Hunting Island State Park is a popular destination offering breathtaking and unspoiled beach experiences, five miles of white sand, and spectacular views from its hunting island lighthousesignificant landmark. It is also home to diverse wildlife, some of which can be explored at the informative nature center, an ideal spot for those looking to enjoy a camping experience, choosing from numerous campsites, most with easy beach access.

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2 Front Beach, Isle Of Palms

The Isle of Palms is an attractive beachside destination located 40 minutes east of Charleston and is as popular among locals as it is with visitors to the region. Most people head to Front Beach, where they enjoy beach activities, like sea kayak tours, sunset cruises, fishing, and surfing, and most of all, searching for beautiful sea turtles since they nest and lay their eggs in the dunes. Front Beach is very convenient since it has good public parking and easy beach access.

1 Litchfield Beach

A trip to Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort is a worthy journey. Close to Myrtle Beach, located only 30-minute drive south, Litchfield Beach amazes people with its majestic stretch of beach, no crowds, and no big resort flanking. In addition to the quiet beach experience, and great sunbathing, visitors seeking water activities can enjoy sea kayaking, Jet Skis, and fishing.

Heavy Rainfall Event - June 28, 2022- July 2, 2022

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...PRECIPITATION REPORTS...Location                     Amount                          Wadmalaw Island 4.1 NE       9.84 in                         Kiawah Island 1.0 SW         9.17 in                         Johns Island 3.3 WNW         8.78 in                         Isle Of Palms 0.1 E          8.72 in                         Hollywood 4.3 SE             8.51 in                         Mount Pleasant 7.5 NE        8.18 in                         Summerville                  7.88 in                         Mount Pleasant 8.2 NE        7.79 in                         Wadmalaw Island 2.3 SSW      7.63 in                         Mount Pleasant 0.4 E         7.49 in                         1 SE Edisto Island           7.34 in                         WADMALAW ISLAND              6.98 in                         Charleston 4.1 NW            6.98 in                         Charleston                   6.93 in                         Edisto Island 3.6 E          6.79 in                         Charleston 5.0 WNW           6.77 in                         Charleston 2.5 NNW           6.68 in                         Charleston 1.6 SSW           6.53 in                         Charleston 4.0 NW            6.44 in                         North Charleston 4.0 SSE     6.39 in                         Mount Pleasant 7.0 NE        6.22 in                         Charleston 6.1 WNW           6.20 in                         Charleston 4.0 NW            6.14 in                         Mount Pleasant               6.12 in                         Edisto Island 3.6 E          6.12 in                         Mount Pleasant 2.7 S         6.08 in                         1 E Johns Island             6.08 in                         Coffee Bluff                 6.04 in                         Johns Island 1.8 NE          5.97 in                         Savannah 5.9 SSW             5.95 in                         Charleston 3.8 NW            5.94 in                         Mount Pleasant               5.88 in                         Mount Pleasant 1.4 ENE       5.73 in                         Charleston 0.3 ESE           5.71 in                         Charleston 6.4 WNW           5.64 in                         Mount Pleasant 4.1 NE        5.60 in                         Kiawah Island 3.5 W          5.54 in                         Summerville 5.5 NNW          5.50 in                         Charleston                   5.49 in                         Mount Pleasant               5.44 in                         Mount Pleasant 6.4 NE        5.38 in                         Charleston 2.9 W             5.37 in                         Kiawah Island 1.5 NE         5.32 in                         Charleston 4.6 SSE           5.30 in                         Charleston 2.9 NNE           5.07 in                         Mount Pleasant 1.0 WSW       5.03 in                         Grover 4.4 SE                5.02 in                         Charleston                   4.99 in                         Meggett 1.8 W                4.96 in                         NWS Charleston SC            4.84 in                         Edisto Beach 5.4 NNW         4.79 in                         Mount Pleasant 8.1 NE        4.79 in                         Ridgeville 1.3 SSW           4.77 in                         Savannah 1.7 W               4.74 in                         Savannah 3.9 SSW             4.64 in                         Charleston 3.0 N             4.64 in                         Hollywood 2.3 W              4.61 in                         Charleston 5.4 SSE           4.59 in                         Daniel Island 1.0 SE         4.57 in                         Summerville                  4.56 in                         Mount Pleasant 1.7 N         4.44 in                         Mount Pleasant 1.7 NNW       4.35 in                         Snowden                      4.16 in                         Mount Pleasant               4.14 in                         Savannah 3.1 ENE             4.14 in                         Bennetts Point               4.12 in                         Charleston 6.8 NE            4.11 in                         Edisto Island 4.5 NNW        4.09 in                         North Charleston 3.1 ESE     4.09 in                         Beaufort 4.5 NE              4.03 in                         Ravenel                      4.02 in                         Hollywood 5.8 WSW            4.02 in                         Summerville 1.7 SSE          3.99 in                         Ridgeville 3.2 WSW           3.97 in                         North Charleston 3.1 E       3.88 in                         North Charleston 2.6 NW      3.82 in                         Hanahan 1.7 SE               3.81 in                         Daniel Island                3.75 in                         Seabrook Island 0.2 S        3.75 in                         Charleston Intl Airport      3.74 in                         Edisto Island 3.2 NNE        3.68 in                         Charleston 1.7 SE            3.65 in                         Mcclellanville 0.2 ESE       3.64 in                         Summerville 2.6 E            3.62 in                         North Charleston 3.5 ESE     3.56 in                         North Charleston 2.9 WNW     3.52 in                         Beaufort 3.5 N               3.50 in                         McClellanville 0.5 ESE       3.48 in                         SANTEE COAST MCCLELLANVILLE  3.48 in                         Seabrook Island              3.47 in                         Summerville 2.8 W            3.47 in                         Ravenel 2.0 WNW              3.44 in                         Beaufort 5.7 NE              3.40 in                         Summerville 5.0 NNE          3.39 in                         North Charleston 4.4 W       3.38 in                         Montgomery                   3.33 in                         Hanahan 1.1 N                3.32 in                         Edisto Beach 5.1 NNW         3.30 in                         Charleston                   3.29 in                         Charleston 5.2 ESE           3.26 in                         Burnside                     3.25 in                         Summerville                  3.21 in                         Summerville 5.3 SE           3.21 in                         Huger 7.7 S                  3.16 in                         Smoaks 0.1 ESE               3.12 in                         2 NNE Daniel Island          3.11 in                         Summerville 2.1 WSW          3.10 in                         Savannah 2.3 SSW             3.09 in                         Huger 3 ENE                  3.09 in                         St Helena Island 2.8 NE      3.09 in                         Riceboro 11.8 SE             3.08 in                         Blitchton 4 WSW              3.05 in                         Mount Pleasant 2.6 SW        3.05 in                         Mount Pleasant 2.1 SSE       3.04 in                         Huger 7.7S - Bridges at Seve 3.03 in                         Edisto Beach 2.7 N           2.99 in                         Savannah 7.9 SSE             2.98 in                         Summerville 5.7 SSE          2.97 in                         Beaufort MCAS                2.97 in                         Charleston 2.9 W             2.96 in                         Savannah 4.5 SSW             2.95 in                         Rincon 5.3 NNE               2.94 in                         Summerville 1.9 N            2.92 in                         Summerville 3.4 S            2.90 in                         Summerville 0.4 SE           2.90 in                         North Charleston 3.5 N       2.88 in                         Savannah 6.3 WNW             2.85 in                         Edisto Island 1.6 N          2.83 in                         Savannah 9.6 E               2.80 in                         Mount Pleasant 1.3 WSW       2.79 in                         Walterboro 1 SW              2.76 in                         Garden City 1.2 NNE          2.72 in                         Blitchton 4 WSW              2.70 in                         Summerville 4.8 WSW          2.69 in                         Charleston                   2.66 in                         Mount Pleasant 6.1 NNE       2.64 in                         Valona                       2.58 in                         Townsend 5.5 SE              2.56 in                         Summerville 5.8 NE           2.52 in                         Charleston 9.1 NE            2.49 in                         Wadmalaw Island 3.6 ENE      2.48 in                         Charleston                   2.47 in                         Savannah 10.4 E              2.44 in                         Hilton Head Island           2.42 in                         Savannah                     2.42 in                         Fripp Island 0.5 WSW         2.40 in                         Goose Creek 4.6 WNW          2.38 in                         Goose Creek 3.5 NW           2.37 in                         Hunter Army Air Field        2.35 in                         Midville 6.6 ESE             2.30 in                         1 NE Lawton                  2.30 in                         Moncks Corner 4 N            2.30 in                         Summerville 3.3 NE           2.30 in                         Walterboro 7.4 NNE           2.26 in                         Okatie 7.6 NE                2.25 in                         Beaufort 4.2 WSW             2.25 in                         Summerville 1.9 SSW          2.24 in                         Walterboro 3.0 NNW           2.21 in                         Summerville 3.2 WNW          2.18 in                         Hilton Head Island 4.7 NW    2.17 in                         Beaufort 3.6 SW              2.16 in                         Charleston                   2.12 in                         Bluffton 7.0 W               2.11 in                         Glennville 3 NW              2.10 in                         Green Pond 4.6 W             2.07 in                         Mount Pleasant 2.7 S         2.06 in                         Charleston 5.0 WNW           2.06 in                         Cottageville 5.8 WSW         2.04 in                         Summerville 2.0 SW           2.04 in                         Edisto Beach 5.4 NNW         2.03 in                         Burnside                     2.02 in                         Bonneau                      2.01 in                         Bluffton 2.9 ENE             2.01 in                         Newington 0.5 SSE            1.99 in                         Mount Pleasant 8.5 NE        1.97 in                         Rincon 4 SE                  1.96 in                         Summerville 0.2 N            1.96 in                         Parris Island 1.7 N          1.92 in                         Beaufort 1.6 SSW             1.92 in                         Cottageville 3.1 NNW         1.89 in                         Springfield 2.4 E            1.82 in                         Hilton Head Island 5.1 NW    1.80 in                         Moncks Corner 5.1 SSW        1.79 in                         Ravenel 2.0 WNW              1.79 in                         Lepageville                  1.79 in                         Mount Pleasant 1.9 ESE       1.77 in                         Hilton Head                  1.76 in                         Port Wentworth 6 N           1.76 in                         Hilton Head Island 4.7 ENE   1.76 in                         Ellabell 5.0 NNW             1.74 in                         Beaufort 6.5 NNW             1.74 in                         Saint Helena 7.0 E           1.73 in                         Walterboro 3.0 NNW           1.73 in                         Moncks Corner 8.9 S          1.72 in                         Parris Island 1.7 N          1.71 in                         Hilton Head Island 4.0 N 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           1 E Hilton Head Island       1.45 in                         Pineville 0.3 SSE            1.44 in                         Bluffton 0.7 NNW             1.43 in                         11 SE Raccoon Bluff          1.42 in                         Charleston 5.6 SE            1.42 in                         Folly Beach 4.5 N            1.41 in                         1 ESE Canaan                 1.41 in                         Port Wentworth 1 NE          1.40 in                         Summerville 1.4 SSW          1.40 in                         Millen Airport               1.39 in                         Charleston 5.4 SSE           1.39 in                         Richmond Hill 7.0 ESE        1.38 in                         Mount Pleasant 1.9 N         1.38 in                         Eden                         1.33 in                         Okatie 7.2 ENE               1.33 in                         Burtons Ferry                1.31 in                         Reidsville    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We thank all volunteer weather observers for their dedication. Not all data listed are considered official.$$

Positive trends among bobcat population on Kiawah Island

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) — This week it’s all about the bobcats on Kiawah Island. It’s a chance to celebrate the species by holding several educational events open to the public, with plenty to celebrate as there have been recent positive trends for the bobcat population.A 100% survival rate this year and catching bobcats more easily are pros for the Bobcat Guardian Program on Kiawah Island.It began two years ago when town biologists discovered that rodenticides being used on the island negatively affected t...

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) — This week it’s all about the bobcats on Kiawah Island. It’s a chance to celebrate the species by holding several educational events open to the public, with plenty to celebrate as there have been recent positive trends for the bobcat population.

A 100% survival rate this year and catching bobcats more easily are pros for the Bobcat Guardian Program on Kiawah Island.

It began two years ago when town biologists discovered that rodenticides being used on the island negatively affected the animals.

“We came up with a strategy to address that issue, and that was to have folks voluntarily stop using these products on the island,” said Jim Jordan, wildlife biologist on Kiawah Island.

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“They were fairly widespread used all across the island, so that first save Kiawah Island bobcats week kicked off our guardian program. Which was just a voluntary pledge that residents, businesses, entities...everyone on the island could take not to use these second-generation products.”

These products, known as anticoagulant rodenticides, control rat and mouse populations and are likely to move up the food chain.

More than half of the companies pledged to switch to other products since they have a large footprint on the island. Jordan said it made a huge difference overnight and among more than just the bobcats.

“We test raccoons, possums, alligators, birds of preyany animals we get our hands on, we take a sample and send that off,” said Jordan. “In those animals, pretty much across the board, we are seeing lower concentrations of SGAs, which is obviously a positive trend.”

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But Jordan realizes that the SGA issue isn’t just on Kiawah. The bobcats have been tracked on Seabrook Island as well as Johns Island.

“It was eye-opening when we figured out this was the issue,” said Jordan. “Once we started looking into it, it’s like look how prevalent this is here at Kiawah and certainly just as prevalent in about every community in SC, but no one is looking at it.”

That’s where Meaghan Keating, a Ph.D. student at Clemson University, comes in.

“I’m trying to dig in and understand how these bobcats are responding to SGAs and human development and try to understand future directions for the population and what the town can do to try to mitigate some of those threats,” said Meghan Keating, Clemson University Ph.D. student.

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Part of the process is tracking the bobcats every year.

“The GPS tracking collars take 5 points a day, and it shifts throughout the day so that they are getting different times, and every night it connects to the Iridium satellite and sends us those points on the web,” said Keating.

This year, there has been plenty to track, as all six bobcats are still alive and well. “We have got six different bobcats with working collars right now, so each color is an individual bobcat,” said Jordan.

Keating will continue her fieldwork until 2024 and hopes these positive trends will continue. She estimates that the number of bobcats on the island is probably in the 20s. Historically, there are usually 30 to 35, so the number has increased since the decline in 2017.

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Seabrook Island has its own Bobcat Guardian Program, which has also been very successful. Beyond the islands, no other programs are in place across the state.

If you are interested in learning more about this issue or bobcats, the last event of Save the Bobcats week is an hour-long walk to discuss bobcat habitat, livability, and how the community can support the town.

Visit the Town of Kiawah Island's website for more information about bobcats.

Which SC beach is the safest with the least pollution? The most unsafe? Take a look

Last year, Environment America, a federation of environmental advocacy organizations, ranked the most unsafe beaches in the country based on tests run in 2020.That year, a total of 23 beaches were tested for fecal indicator bacteria in the state of South Carolina.Out of four tested counties in South Carolina, t...

Last year, Environment America, a federation of environmental advocacy organizations, ranked the most unsafe beaches in the country based on tests run in 2020.

That year, a total of 23 beaches were tested for fecal indicator bacteria in the state of South Carolina.

Out of four tested counties in South Carolina, the average percentage of potentially unsafe days in South Carolina by county in 2020 ranked Beaufort County as the second safest.

The four South Carolina counties that were tested were Horry, Charleston, Beaufort and Georgetown counties.

The scoring left Beaufort County with a 12% average number of days with potentially unsafe water for beaches in the county.

Comparatively, Horry County, which contains Myrtle Beach, scored a 34% average for potentially unsafe water for beach days.

Not a title to brag about, South Carolina’s own Myrtle Beach scored number one in the state for the most potentially unsafe swimming days in 2020. The testing conducted in Myrtle Beach resulted in potentially unsafe water 84% of the days tested. This average was a result of 70 potentially unsafe days out of 82 testing days.

Contrarily, North Myrtle Beach scored considerably better than its slightly southern counterpart, coming in at 34%, indicating 29 potentially unsafe days out of 87 testing days.

“While we were not able to pinpoint pollution sources for any particular beach, sewage overflows, stormwater runoff, and manure from factory farms, all contain fecal bacteria,” said John Rumpler, the clean water program director at Environment America.

Hilton Head Island tied for the safest number of days along with Isle of Palms and Seabrook Island, both in Charleston County, with a 20% indicator of potentially unsafe days. This comes from two potentially unsafe days out of 10 testing days.

This comes as no surprise as in 2019, Environment America ranked Beaufort County as a clean beach area yet again. In the study, 28 beaches in Beaufort County were tested, and only seven of those had even one “potentially unsafe” day, the report said.

Each beach in the county was tested for 10 or 11 days. Four of the seven beaches were on Hilton Head Island; two were on Harbor Island; one was on Hunting Island, according to a previous Island Packet report.

As for the 2020 report released last year, Myrtle Beach’s reported 84% of potentially unsafe days was one of the biggest percentages in the study, but not the highest overall in the U.S.

Cole Park in Nueces County, Texas scored a 91% average of potentially unsafe days, being broken down by 62 potentially unsafe days in 2020 out of 68 testing days.

Nye Beach in Lincoln County, Oregon scored a 90% average with nine potentially unsafe days out of 10 different testing days.

This story was originally published September 2, 2022, 5:00 AM.

The Best Beaches In (& Around) Charleston That You Can't Afford To Miss

South Carolina is known for its spectacular landscapes, with Charleston being one of its major attractions. Charleston offers many things to experience, but its beaches are definitely at the top of the list. While each of these beaches comes with unique features, spectacular views, an incredibly quiet atmosphere, and gorgeous shores are common characteristics. Whether looking for secluded spots for a relaxing vacation, Charleston is the best place to be. Here are the city's 10 beaches travelers can't afford to miss.Folly back is one o...

South Carolina is known for its spectacular landscapes, with Charleston being one of its major attractions. Charleston offers many things to experience, but its beaches are definitely at the top of the list. While each of these beaches comes with unique features, spectacular views, an incredibly quiet atmosphere, and gorgeous shores are common characteristics. Whether looking for secluded spots for a relaxing vacation, Charleston is the best place to be. Here are the city's 10 beaches travelers can't afford to miss.

Folly back is one of the best island beaches in Charleston and is a popular surfing spot, if not the locals' favorite. The beach is packed with several colorful shops, restaurants, hotels, and beach rentals – and it is a perfect time to spend a relaxing moment. The beach is reachable via a short drive from downtown Charleston, making it a gateway to some of the city's most iconic attractions. Travelers should know that summers can have this beach crowded, so arriving early, perhaps by 10:00 am, is the trick.

Boasting four and a half miles of gorgeous coastline, Edisto beach is one spot not to miss, especially if into a relatively calm and quiet place. It is also among the most family-friendly beaches, offering numerous activities for both adults and kids. Nestled in Edisto Island, about an hour's drive from downtown Charleston, Edisto Beach is an excellent spot for night camping, picnicking, and looking for seashells, perhaps with family or friends. It is located in a state park, giving access to numerous hiking and biking trails to explore.

Isle Of Palms

Isle of Palms boasts seven miles of beautiful shoreline, and being a close community; families can have the best beach vacation experience here. It is a great place to watch sea turtles and enjoy the beautiful white sands. Plus, there are many activities to explore, from golfing to fishing to boating and water sports. If not with kids, visit Windjammer’s beach bar once the sun goes down after spending a whole day outdoors. The bar’s atmosphere is great, and it serves well-mixed drinks and a pool.

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Kiawah Island

It takes a forty-minute drive to get to Kiawah Island from the Historic Charleston if travelers take the State Road 2-10-20. With so many things to see and do on this beach, including swimming, sunbathing, going on nature walks, and biking, it is definitely one of the best to visit in Charleston. The island boasts an incredible shopping village, golfing and tennis opportunities, boating, and fishing. The island's beaches are beautiful, and they feature white sand.

Sullivan’s Island

Located north of the Charleston harbor, Sullivan's Island boasts a population of about 2,000 people and offers. From the island, vacationers will enjoy magnificent views and a fantastic dining scene – and it is a spot loved by the locals. It is important to note that there are no hotels on the island, so vacationers can only make their visit a day trip. Travelers should arrive there early because parking can be a problem. The beach doesn't have public lots for parking, and vacationers can only use one side of the street.

Seabrook Island

Located amidst Edisto and Kiawah Islands, Seabrook Island boasts beautiful beaches that vacationers can't regret exploring. The island's main beaches are located in a private beachfront community and provide a perfect relaxing spot on beautiful sands. Families should opt for Pelican Beach, as it boasts calm waters and is far away from the hustle and bustle of other beaches in Charleston. Travelers looking for breathtaking sunset views should head to North Beach,

Capers Island

Boasting a perfect stretch of sand, beautifully lined with palm trees, Capers Island is incredibly dramatic and is among the best places to explore on South Carolina's coast. Visitors can only get there on boat rides, but Sullivan's Island has some charters vacationers can use. Canoeing and kayaking are other means to get there, but only for travelers into adventures. The beach is located about 20 miles away from downtown Charleston. Capers Island is a great place to go shell hunting, see the tree skeletons, and explore marine life, including some dolphins.

Morris Island

Morris Island is not well-known, and while many travelers prefer places like Folly Beach, this beach offers a perfect remote experience in Charleston. Spectacular views of the Morris Island Lighthouse are the major draw to this beach, and while visitors can't get up close, they can take some epic photographs from the shore. There are also several shells and wildlife to see. It is located a short distance from the popular Folly Beach, reachable in a boat ride northeast, and it's an excellent choice for vacationers looking for a secluded stretch of beautiful sand. Hiking to the beach from the northernmost parts of Folly Beach also gets visitors there in only 20 minutes. If hopping on a private boat from Charleston Harbor, it'll take 20 minutes to get there.

Warning: Swimming around Morris Island can be dangerous because of strong currents and high tides. Therefore, vacationers should consult the locals or check online for weather and water conditions before heading there on their own.

2 Bulls Island

Situated about 45 minutes away from historic Charleston, Bulls Island is one of the beaches not to miss when exploring this part of South Carolina. The beach is only accessible by a ferry ride It offers a different kind of nature and beach experience. Stretching for six and a half a mile, this uninhabited island is home to numerous wildlife, including endangered species. It is a popular spot for birdwatching, as it boasts over 275 bird species. Tourists may also spot some shells on the beautiful shore.

1 Mosquito Beach

Mosquito Beach is found near Folly Beach and Stono River, about a 20-minute drive from Charleston. This beach is not like other beaches with beautiful white sands and turquoise waters, but it boasts the most spectacular sunset views. The culinary experience around this place is second to none. While it's mostly pluff and a tidal creek, it definitely shouldn't miss on travelers' bucket lists. The beach is full of history and would be a perfect spot for history buffs. It was a major destination for African-Americans in the 1950s.


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